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Patrick Blood founded Blackwell Property Management in 2011.

Raised in Dublin Ireland, in 2003 he flew to America on a one-way ticket with adventure and discovery in full-focus. He traveled to different parts of the country, immersing himself in the various cultures as much as he could. His love for adventure brought him to D.C., where he quickly fell in love with the vibrant and richly historical city. While caddying at a Country Club to keep the adventure funded, he caddied for the owner of a property management company who offered Patrick a job. He quickly became passionate about the industry and immersed himself in learning everything he could about it. He worked for some of the largest property management companies in the country while working his way up within the industry. He eventually moved to Charles Town WV where the daily commute back and forth to D.C. got tiresome. He saw a gap in the local market in W.V and so he started Blackwell Property Management.

Blackwell Property Management is a residential property management company that specializes in full-service property management services. From caring for your property in a comprehensive and all-encompassing way to ensuring renters have consistent communication and feel cared for, we make your property management/living stress-free. We step in and create a buffer between property owners and tenants to build trust, communication, and systemization. With our eclectic and well-rounded crew from all over the world, we bring energy, unique perspective, and a passion for client communication with us every single day.

When you utilize our services, you’ll become part of a family and quickly learn why we are the top choice for all your property management needs.

Meet Our Team

Christine Walker

USA Hometown: Kearneysville, WV

Melissa Francis

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia

Patrick Blood

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Danielle Brown