Tenant FAQ

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No. We recommend viewing the property before applying, though it is not required. To hold a place, we would need application fees paid, an approved application, a commitment move in date and a security deposit with a signed security deposit receipt.

We require the security deposit to be paid upon an approved application and move in date commitment. Your prorated rent which will depend on the date you move in, will be due at key pickup. We do not collect last month’s rent.

You must be 18 years old.

Yes, the Security Deposit is refundable.

Yes, the Pet Deposit is refundable.

In some instances you may need a cosigner if your total monthly gross income does not meet our income requirements.

You may complete your application through our website by selecting the property you are interested in and clicking Apply Online. You may also request a paper application and may submit all required documents and fees electronically or at our office.

You may pay rent via paper check, money order(s) or a cashier’s/teller’s check. You may also pay with an eCheck through your Tenant Portal.

We would confirm with the owner of the property if they accept pets. If they say yes, you may complete a Pet Application, pay the Pet Application fee and provide veterinary records. Once approved you will be due a refundable Pet Deposit, amount depending on the pet size (estimated full grown, if getting a puppy).

We will need the most current proof of income for the remaining roommate(s) to confirm that they are able to stay in the home by themselves with our income requirement guidelines. If everything is satisfactory, we will prepare an addendum that all parties will have to sign agreeing to remove you from the lease.

Please submit a Notice To Vacate. To do so, you may complete it via your tenant portal. You may also send us a letter or an email with the intended move out day, the reason as to why you are vacating and a forwarding address for faster security deposit processing.

Our lease goes into great detail as to what everyone is responsible for as it pertains to maintenance. Some of the tenant’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: changing HVAC and refrigerator filters (if applicable) and changing out all light bulbs including any specialty kind. Additionally, the tenant is responsible for winterizing hosebibs, replenishing salt in the water softener (if applicable), plumbing clogs and any malfunction that may have been caused by the tenant, their guests or invitees and/or their pets.