Melissa Francis

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I love that Blackwell is different. After walking in the door for the first time I got sucked in and never looked back.

Previously, I had worked as a bank teller, a credit union contact center service representative and a financial aid representative at a local college. Although those jobs had high demands for learning the skill of customer service, the credit union prepared me for this job the most. With extensive customer service training and incredibly high importance placed on accuracy and outstanding interpersonal communication, I have learned the skill with some of the best professionals in the industry.

Being an Account Manager with Blackwell means that each day can be a little different. Some of my time I am helping our clients with their accounting but some days I could be acting like a therapist. I try to protect our clients’ investments in the most efficient manner possible while maintaining a relationship with all parties involved.

I have an incredible husband who owns a local business and who is also involved in our community. Our little boy is now almost three years old, is pretty much the greatest human being on earth. I am head over heels for this little boy and he makes even the hardest, longest of days a little brighter. I serve on the worship and tech team at a local church. I participate in local events that Blackwell Property Management get involved in as well.