2021 Property Management Trends To Consider

Happy New Year!  With a new year comes new key trends in the housing market. For many, 2020 brought changes that forced property managers and landlords to pivot and adjust their strategies. As we enter into 2021, the pandemic’s impact will continue to influence trends in the housing market.  The question is, “Which trends should […]

Generation Z and the Housing Market: What You Need To Know

Generation Z are true digital natives. They were born and have grown up in a fully digitized world. They’re highly mobile dependent, are frequently on the hunt for a unique and personalized experience, crave a sense of community, and expect technology to be fully integrated into the home renting and buying process.  In 2020, Gen […]

How to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

Tis’ the season to be jolly! But often, most things “jolly” come with a pretty hefty price tag. You may dream of having your home look like something out of a Hallmark movie – but realistically, you may be working with a budget that would get you closer to buying a few Hallmark film DVDs.  […]