2018 – Not a drought in sight!

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2018 was an interesting and challenging year to be a property manager in our region. We really had to be ready for anything (mainly water)!

During just one storm in Spring last year we had nearly 50 of the houses we manage impacted by severe hail damage. Siding was destroyed and needed to be replaced. Roofing was destroyed and needed to be replaced. There was more damage than we knew what to do with. Insurance companies became weeks behind in getting out to inspect the damage. We saw an influx of storm chasing contracting companies pop up and begin to work remedying the issues. It took most of last year to get caught up from the impact of this storm.

Before many of the repairs even had a chance to get started from that storm, we were hit with the beginning of the rains that have now become the wettest year on record. If there is one thing that will eventually highlight the weaknesses in a house over time – It is water. Unfortunately, 2018 gave us enough of it, consistently enough that the flaws were most certainly found.